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We provide Best-In-Class IT expertise to  assist our clients in solving complex issues related to information systems. We are product-agnostic and we give facts and vision accurately.

A different perspective

Digital transformation booster and humanist IT consultancy

The Next Generation Consultancy  Experience

PRADEL CONSULTING is a human-size young Canadian firm specialized in Business Technology Management, IT audit and cybersecurity. From disruptive technology to value creation, we are a digital transformation elevator.


  • Financial Industry

  • Natural Resources

  • Retail

  • Energy

  • Gaming

  • Aviation industry

  • Public Sector

  • Insurance

  • Health

  • Entertainment

  • Automotive

  • Railways

  • Steel and mining

  • Food and agriculture

  • Luxury industry

  • Paper products

  • Media

  • Education and NFPO

Yves L.,  CIO TD Insurance

As CIO of TD Insurance, I recruited Pradel with a demanding mandate : to drastically improve our organization's technology related security posture and performance, and handle all our relationships with the various internal/external auditors. Pradel met all the challenges in a very professional manner and was instrumental in TDI's drastically improved performance


Very open professional services approach  with future-looking perspective

Victor B., CIO AUF

Suite au rapport de Pradel Conseil, nous avons poursuivi notre réflexion pour finalement nous orienter vers la création plus large d'une direction du numérique regroupant tous les métiers en lien avec le numérique.



IT management consulting 




We thrive at helping Executives take a strategic business-wide perspective on their technology issues. 




We bring best-in-class IT expertise focused on Business strategic alignment to show how technology, process, people and data can contribute to the value of your organization.



We' re flexible and client oriented. We fixed pragmatic objectives taking into account your constraints. We can work on a fixed price basis or on hour-based fees. We set achievable objectives. We work on site or remotely, depending on what suits you. We believe that we can reduce the carbon footprint, by working more remotely or by videoconferencing, but we also know that the human being is at the heart of our relationships and that electronic communication does not always make it possible to initiate this contact. 




We're a new animal. Grown-up in Tier 1 big firms, we've founded our

small start up. We may not have the name anymore but we have our brains !

We're free to innovate and to disrupt. Look at what we can do once we've freed ourselves from big companies' chains. We're out of the box. Try us !




We are an independent alternative to large consulting firms and software publishers. Assistance with business requirements, arbitration of solutions with an independent external perspective, project recovery, we help the company evolve and transform itself in complete security.




Small, free and agile does not mean we can do whatever we want. There are ways to do things to obtain the best results. We have approaches and standards for all our solutions and we have quality reviews. We select the best professionals to assist you in solving your issues.

Humanist & ethical 

HumanisT & ETHICAL


We're not just another IT consulting company. We are a Canadian woman-founded company that cares as much about IT efficiency as ethics, humanism and authenticity of our relationships. We're driven by our willingness to change the world with the:

  • adoption of the right technologies at the right place and the right time

  • modernization of IT to drive business velocity

  • cybersecurity and privacy 

  • social responsibility

  • promotion of women in tech and in business

  • promotion of diversity and gender equality

We're not parading around. We're probably not investing enough in Marketing but we want you to like us for what we've helped you achieved and by who we are. 


At PRADEL CONSULTING, our dedication to corporate responsibility rests on the decisions we make at work and in the community everyday.

Furthermore, we support several not-for-profit organizations in the fields of Arts, Education and Health.



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