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The digital revolution only has a digital origin. Its impact goes far beyond technology. Innovative and disruptive technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, the chain of blocks, to name but a few, are transforming the company well beyond the sole Technology Department and are affecting the company in :

  • its processes

  • its organisation

  • its information systems.

Companies need to rethink their products & services, pricing, acquisition and distribution strategy, partners, financing and rethink customer and employee experiences.


Technologies can no longer be considered without taking cybersecurity into account. data governance, architecture standards, agile frameworks such as Scrum and DevOps, mobile applications and disaster recovery.


The organization needs to be reviewed to be less hierarchical, more collaborative and humanistic, employees trained, key personnel retained, millennials attracted, new responsibilities created.


This simplifies and transforms processes. They are faster, require resources to be shifted to different skills and are more automated.


But the digital strategy also brings  new risks. Data must be protected, exchanges must be secure, partners must be managed, regulations must be complied with and accountability must be ensured.


We are here to accompany you with complete independence and objectivity. We do not sell products and we help you to select what suits you best. We propose transformed processes, suggest organizational improvements. We are here to assist you.

Artificial intelligence risks and Audit

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We assist you with the evaluation and management of your risks related to your artificial intelligence systems (AIS).


We assess the ethical foundation of the organization for a trustworthy AI: 

  • assessment of values and principles 

  • code of practice

  • AIS governance structure

  • roles and responsibilities

  • accountability and legal liability

  • team skills

  • selection and representativeness of teams

  • inclusive project management


We then evaluate the design criteria: risk analysis, business requirements, ethical and security specifications, technical robustness and operational safety, data governance, cybersecurity, transparency and explicability of the code and process, traceability of changes, protection of diversity and guarantee of non-bias, contribution to societal well-being, audibility and reporting.


We then issue a report certified by our engineers on compliance with the requirements and required remediation and stay close to the sector regulations  that are under construction.


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