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See Higher. See Further. Have Fun.

Our values unite us




We are aiming excellence at all times and are very demanding to go higher, to go further. We are looking for high achievers and motivated professionals who will weld to the rest of the team in stressful times.

We are looking for profiles who enjoy solving complex problems and who are not afraid to invest in, while maintaining a balanced and happy life.

Together we share the highlights where the strength of the team makes all its sense. Together we celebrate our successes and we take care of our consultants, in accordance with gender, race, minorities and labour law.




Pradel consultants are highly ethical, respectful and honest. They are bias-free and report their findings with rigour and accuracy, clarity and conciseness.




We highly value the confidentiality of our customer records and we demand the highest degree of reserve to our consultants.

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Start-up environment


We are in 2016. The world is changing. Mobile workspace, visio-conference, internet cafés, when our consultants are not at the client's, they have our full confidence to work from home part time,  if the assignment allows it and they are willing to do it. But our best moments, are those we spend together in our start-up space, building for the future, together.


Happiness and Team spirit


We believe in happiness at work. We work as a team with our own methods and those of the market. Each senior manager manages his team within the client and ensures quality control and client satisfaction in addition to managing its various experts.




We are different. We have a vision. We consider the problem as a whole. We start with the understanding of our clients businesses. We talk first about business development and then about information system and technologies.




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