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Data sources blueprint

Data architecture design Management of transformation project

IT costs restructuring


Transformation plan

Simplify IT

Data Governance program

Innovation assessment

 Key indicators

multichannel strategy

Cloud soulutions selection


Roles and Responsibilities

Risk Analysis

Data governance

Cyber Security

ETL data import

Change Management

Awareness & Training

BI platform customization

PowerBI, Qlik, SAP Business Objects, SAS, Tableau, Oracle BI, WebFOCUS, Information Builders, etc...

In times of " disruptive " technologies that threaten traditional business models, we assist you with your IT reorganisation, in order to boost growth and new channels development. Better and cheaper systems, restructured IT costs, optimized processes, mobile technologies and social media, we support you in your innovation challenges and IT operational optimization. What's best than a new consulting company with experienced leaders and young technologists to guide you through your new IT challenges ?

The smart exploitation of data potential is what separates traditional IT from added-value business intelligence ("B.I."). As the business grows, the volume and complexity of the Organization's data is becoming a real hurdle, and opens the door to risks that previously were controlled. An effective data governance framework becomes essential to preserve security, quality, competitiveness, and scalability of your systems.



Pradel Consulting guide you through a business-oriented data governance model. A collaborative approach at the corporate level is essential, in partnership with the Business Operations, Compliance, Marketing, and Technology Business Lines.



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