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Big Data 101 : the fundamentals

You see the words « Big Data » and uncertain about what it exactly covers? You see everywhere the words "Big Data" and are uncertain about what it exactly covers? The term may be associated with the concept of the "3V": Volume, Velocity and Veracity of the data. Behind the concept of amount of data, the "Big Data” term mainly underscores the challenge of existing infrastructure to withstand the "volume" of data with the constraints imposed by the current processors limit and reactivity requirements in a faster market ("velocity") where information have to be accurate, up-to-date and intelligent ("veracity"). Behind the 'Big Data' concept, this in fact the data governance model which is questioned. Since data collection is now automatic and volumes involved are getting huge, the original structural weaknesses of the models are revealed and well often prove a blatant poverty of the data collected. Added to this is almost always a poor interdepartmental collaboration. It is common in large organizations, to meet different VP who collected the same information in a different way and had the data stored on different infrastructures. This phenomenon is amplified during mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, poverty metrics used generally does not detect duplicates and inconsistencies in the data. Today the need for analytics and intelligent use of this data is essential in a context where the final consumer is more knowledgeable and demanding. Finally, the concept of "Big Data" also implies taking into account cross-border regulatory constraints and taking into account the obligations relating to the collection and handling of personal data such as credit card numbers or social insurance numbers, to name a few. In conclusion, "Big Data" implies good governance data and must be conducted at the executive level, often under the custody of the Vice-President Marketing, sponsored by the VP Risk Management, the Privacy Office and Information Security while Technology ensures proper IT design, development and execution of the initiative.

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