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The growing role of Marketing Technology

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With increasing volumes of data, the role of the VP Marketing turned and must now integrate a Marketing Technology Office (MTO). The role of the VP Marketing has become more demanding than ever and more quantitative also. Knowing the behaviour is not enough, one must now argue with the numbers. Gartner predicts that the VP Marketing will spend more than the CTO in Technology by 2017. Overall Marketing budget today is more important than the IT department’s one (5.5% in 2012 for Marketing against 3.2% for the IT Department). It also increases faster (4.8 to 5.5% for the Marketing between 2011 and 2012 to 3.6% to 3.2 % for the IT Department). Most of these budgets have been used to assist Marketing in the automation of market research and data analysis. The use of technological tools in marketing techniques increases growingly to the point that over 50% of companies surveyed by Gartner have already adopted them for customer relationship management, digital marketing and databases. E-commerce, mobile marketing and customer data analysis are the places where investments remain to be done. The VP Marketing (now "CTMO" for "Chief Technology Marketing Officer") has become a major player in IT purchases where he contributed to more than 50% according Gartner / Experian. Finally, the role of the VP Marketing will become more strategic. Nonetheless he manages the company brand and communication, but he selects and manages also the relationships with marketing suppliers and tomorrow with technology suppliers. By merging the roles of CMO and CTO, the CTMO will have a more influential role than was previously each individually.

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