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IT transformation : the roadmap for success

What most organisations need to understand is that an IT tranformation project is a corporate initiative that requires Business buy-in.

Here, we introduce the 4 fundamentals to successfully transform your organisation in order to leverage disruptive technology and innovate.

1. Understand your customer journey

Without a happy customer, there is no business. Understand the new behaviours of your customers to understand what you need to improve. Meet with the business and sales representatives and make sure you understand the market ask. In particular, investigate about

your :

- CRM process

- Supply chain efficiency

- Payment process

2. Restructure your organisation to fit new customer needs

On-line sales are increasing while stores purchases decrease ? Move your staff to back-office operations, train them to new responsibilities, reorganize your leadership team to make sure your organisation reflects on your business objectives.

3. Process landscape

Make sure to have a blueprint of your business processes so that you can clearly identify where you can gain more efficiency and competiveness. Do you lose efficicency because of your internal processes or because of unfit IT platforms ? Can you get a 360 customer view ?

4. Lead your IT transformation project per phase

Fund and start your IT transformation project but make sure to split it into deliverable phases where you will be able to demonstrate fast improvements in some areas.Do not underestimate the project complexity and make sure you engage with the right partners.

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