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Data Governance

The data represent the company's assets and added value. When they are poorly controlled or of poor quality, they are the Achilles' heel of companies and increase the risks of data theft and performance problems. But managed efficiently, they become the company's real added value and a way to distinguish itself from the market.

Pradel Consulting can help you implement a structured data governance programme

  • Identification of data custodians and inventory of data sources

  • Data modeling (metadata dictionary, architecture,...)

  • Characterization of data attributes (quality, life cycle, security, interoperability, owner, manager, legality,...)

  • Rules for data management, acquisition, storage, archiving, recovery, use control

  • Data governance policy development and directive

  • Data flowcharting

  • Development of RACI matrix, review of data management roles and responsibilities

  • Accompaniment of the Chief Data Officer

  • Development of data quality dashboards

  • Development of awareness programs

  • Control of applicable data regulations

  • Auditing

Do you monitor your data quality ?

Pradel Consulting can assist. Contact-us.

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