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Data privacy : how to protect your client data

This course in English is intended for professionals in charge of data protection. With this training, the professionals will be better equipped to prevent a data breach.



Workshop 1 :  Data thief, Data leak, what's behind privacy ?
• What's the hell do they do with our personnal information ?

• Introduction to privacy risks

• Figures and Top 5 most signficant weaknesses


Workshop 2 : Privacy Regulations overview (PIPEDA, GDPR,..)
• Overview of main privacy regulations
• Roles and responsibilities, accountability
• Data collection
• Consent management
• Limiting use, disclosure and retnetion
• Accuracy and quality of data

• Security safeguards

• Openness and transparency

• Individual access

• Challenging compliance
• Breach and incident management

• Right to to be forgotten

• Data portability

• Privacy by design

• 3rd parties management

• Impact analysis

• Privacy awareness


Workshop 3 : Assessing the privacy risks

• risk analysis workshops

• presentation of a comprehensive approach to privacy risk assessment


Workshop 4 : Remediating

• Organization, CDO

• Privacy program management

• Access control and endpoint security

• Incident Management process

• Third-party risks management

• Awareness methods

• Privacy program management

• Key indicators and progress monitoring


Get a comprehensive view of ways to prevent a data breach and a first action plan to enhance the protection of data inside the company.




You will be equipped with privacy risk assessment templates and dasboards.

Data privacy : how to protect your client data

  • Duration :  8 hours (4 x 2 hours-visio) . Physical meeting with a maximum of 10 people can be organised on demand. Face masks are mandatory.

    Language : English





    Professionals in charge of privacy.


    Breakfast,  lunch buffet and material included.





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