The Art of Successful Project Recovery

This course will help you get your project back on track with a certified project manager specialised in IT project recovery.





Workshop 1 : The Concept of “Rapid Assessment”

  • Pitfalls and biggest issues observed on IT projects
  • Metrics, is every project due to be overrun ?
  • The concept of “Rapid” Assessment and Recovery
  • Interactive session : how would you solve those issues ?
  • Introducing the recovery plan
  • Project recovery effort and success factors


Workshop 2 : Defining the Project Recovery Charter

Deliverable: Project charter and/or SOW

  • Define the mission with the sponsor
  • Understand the project history and sensitivities
  • Establish initial project team contact
  • Determine the assessment approach
  • Complete the charter and obtain approval.


Workshop 3 : Developing the Assessment Plan

Deliverable: Assessment Plan

  • Critical Project Documentation
  • Interviews
  • Agenda and Interview Schedule


Workshop 4 : Conducting the Assessment

Deliverable: Assessment Recommendation

  • Conducting the Interviews
  • Analyzing the Data
  • Developing the Ranked Ordered List of Findings
  • Is recovery possible or Advisable?
  • Purpose of Recovery




Worshop 5 : Developing the Recovery Plan

Deliverable : Recovery Plan

The plan

  • Must not fail.
  • Will be subject to extraordinary scrutiny. The team must be ready to defend every action they take.
  • Provides for broad fundamental changes in scope, schedule and cost.
  • Is of shorter duration.
  • Is subject to tighter monitoring and controlling.
  • Requires greater frequency of communicating and reporting.


The Recovery Team (RT)

  • Focus on building everyone's morale
  • Deal directly with personnel problems
  • Resolve serious leadership problems
  • Add people to the project carefully, if at all


The Timeline (Schedule)

  • Establish a schedule based on inchstone
  • Track schedule progress meticulously
  • Record the reasons for missed inchstones
  • Recalibrate the plan every two weeks
  • Never commit to a new baseline until an achievable one can be created
  • Painstakingly manage risks


The Product (Scope)

  • Stabilize the requirements
  • Trim the feature set to meet schedule and cost constraints
  • Reduce the number of defects and implement a quality control plan to keep them low
  • Strive diligently to achieve a “steady state”


Worskhop 6 : Conducting an Agile Recovery

  • Agile approach
  • Inchstone planning requiring weekly updated
  • Metrics i.e. Earned value
  • Agile scrums (daily)
  • Communication Plan


Wrapup : Tools & dashboards of strong PM


  • Sample dashboards, heatmap, backlogs, sprint/inch plans
  • Using Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Other PM tools




At the end of this two-day interactive course you will come back with a whole new plan for the recovery of your projet and delivrables to implement.

The Art of Successful Project Recovery

  • Duration  16 hours ( 8 sessions of 2 hours )

    )Language : English



    You will get back to work with a whole new set of deliverables and fresh new ideas to get your project back on track.



    Project Sponsors, Project Managers, Auditors.